Accessing ISO and IEC Standards

The library provides access to many UNE and EN versions of ISO and IEC standards via ASTM Compass (opens in a new window). This means that the Spanish national standards organization (UNE) and/or the European Union (EN) have adopted the original international standard (from ISO or IEC) for their own use.

To search for a specific UNE-EN standard in ASTM Compass:

  • Login to ASTM Compass (opens in a new window) using your Northeastern login and password
  • From the search options dropdown, select "My Subscription"
  • Search the number of the standard only. (Do not include the IEC or ISO prefix.)

For example:


If you include the IEC or ISO prefix or other information in your search, or select the "All" option, your search may bring back the international version of your standard, and you will hit a paywall. But if you follow these guidelines, the UNE-EN versions should rise to the top of your results list, and you will be able to access and download the full text.

Is the content for UNE and EN standards the same as the ISO or IEC versions?

Yes, typically the content is the same, with a few exceptions:

  • The cover page or foreword typically reflects the adopting country. This means that for some UNE standards, the foreword may be in Spanish, even if the rest of the standard is in English. You may see some alternate spellings in the standards as well.
  • When the standard was published. For example, a standard may have been published by IEC in 2019, then adopted and issued by UNE and EN in 2020. That difference would be reflected in the standard's title, for example IEC 61400-1:2019 is equivalent to UNE-EN 61400-1:2020. 
  • Amendments are sometimes not consolidated. For example, an amendment to IEC 62304:2006 was issued in 2015. In the IEC version, the two are published together: IEC 62304:2006 / A1:2015 CSV (CSV stands for 'consolidated version'). In the UNE-EN version, the amendment is published separate: UNE-EN 62304:2007/A1:2016.

Is it ok to use the UNE EN versions for my project?

For class assignments, the UNE EN versions of standards are often fine to use. For example, some standards available in UNE EN versions via ASTM Compass that are commonly used for classes are IEC 60601, IEC 61400, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14971:2019, IEC 62304:2006 +A1:2016, and ISO 11138:2017.

For other uses, such as in legal cases or developing products that will require government approvals, the UNE EN versions may not be acceptable.

If you're not sure, you may want to ask your professor or advisor.

If you need original ISO and IEC standards for your research, please contact me at and we will determine whether it's possible to purchase them on your behalf.