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In this guide you will find info about:

  1. Standards 101
  2. What standards does the library have access to?
  3. What if the library doesn't have the standard I need?
  4. Accessing ISO and IEC standards
  5. Not sure which standards you need?

You can also watch this brief webinar - How do I get free access to the standards I need? A Bite-Sized Webinar - for an overview of this information.

If you have questions, please contact Jodi Bolognese at

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What if the library doesn't have the standard I need?

Due to the high cost and wide variety of standards, the library is not able to subscribe to all of them. However, we may be able to purchase standards for individual use by request, depending on the price and format of the standard, and available budget.

To request a standard, please email Jodi Bolognese, the Engineering Librarian at with the full title and number of the standard(s), for example "ISO 14688-1 - Geotechnical investigation and testing - Identification and classification of soil. Part 1 - Identification and Description". We will investigate purchase options via or IHS Markit and (if budget allows) work with you to gain access.