What standards does the library have access to?

The library provides access to the following standards. Please note that some subscriptions limit access to one user at a time. 

If the standard you need is not available through one of these existing subscriptions, we may be able to purchase it for you using (limited) funds allocated for this purpose. Please see What if the library doesn't have the standard I need? for more information about requesting standards.

Standards Databases:

Also provides full text access to many UNE and EN versions of ISO and IEC standards. For more information about these alternate versions, please read the Accessing ISO and IEC Standards section of this page.

Individual Standards:

Here are some of the individual standards the library currently subscribes to. These may change from year to year, depending on the needs of faculty and student. If you have questions about a particular standard, please email j.bolognese@northeastern.edu

Please note that some standards are only available to one user at a time, so if you're not able to access something try logging in again a bit later. 

Some standards providers offer free or low-cost read-only access to standards on their websites. Lists of providers with links to available standards can be found on this page from ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and this page from NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Looking for ISO or IEC standards?

The library provides access to many UNE and EN versions of ISO and IEC standards via ASTM Compass (link). This means that the Spanish national standards organization (UNE) and/or the European Union (EN) have adopted the original international standard (from ISO or IEC) for their own use. Please read the Accessing ISO and IEC Standards section of this guide for more information about how to find these standards in ASTM Compass, typical differences between versions, and when the UNE and EN versions are appropriate to use.

Looking for OSHA or other U.S. government-based standards?

For full text access to OSHA and other U.S. government-based standards, use the e-Code of Federal Regulations website, a database of government documents maintained by the U.S. National Archives as an e-version of the annually published official Code of Federal Regulations. The e-version is generally updated within 1-2 days of any changes to the documents.

What if the library doesn't have the standard I need?

Due to the high cost and wide variety of standards, the library is not able to subscribe to all of them. However, we may be able to purchase standards for individual use by request, depending on the price and format of the standard, and available budget.

To request a standard, please email Jodi Bolognese, the Engineering Librarian at j.bolognese@northeastern.edu with the full title and number of the standard(s), for example "ISO 14688-1 - Geotechnical investigation and testing - Identification and classification of soil. Part 1 - Identification and Description". We will investigate purchase options via Madcad.com or IHS Markit and (if budget allows) work with you to gain access.

What happens after I submit a request?

A librarian will investigate purchase options for the requested standard(s). Purchasing decisions are based on:

  • Whether the standard is available from one of the library's licensed providers
  • Available format of the standard (e-versions are highly preferred)
  • Price of the standard
  • Available budget

We will make every effort to provide access to the standard(s) you need, but please note that standards can be expensive and our budget is limited.

Usually it takes 2-4 business days to evaluate your request, process a purchase, and provide access, though it can sometimes take longer depending on the standard.

If we are able to purchase the standard, we’ll provide information about how and when you can access it.