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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual

Starting August 7th, 2021


The only people left in the building at 9PM should be ABM cleaning staff who will then be able to do deep cleaning. 


There's 2 options that I could see working but the second one seems more viable:

  • 1 back-up does an initial walk through of all floors around 8:30PM taking note of how many occupants are in the building and where they are located. They would be wrapping up the 1st floor as the 15 minutes to close announcement is played; . The other back-up closes up the H&I desk and assists Access Point staff with ending new entries to the building. They could then switch (after comparing notes) or have the same back-up go back to the places where people were still located. 
  • Alternatively, one person starts on the 4th floor while the other starts on the 3rd floor as the 15 minute announcement starts, ensuring that all patrons heard the announcement and are beginning to pack up. Take note of any potential "lingering" patrons who might not be packed up in time and where they are located. Then each back-up takes either the 2nd or 1st floor and does the same thing. Ideally, one final check of the floors will show that all patrons have left as the final 9PM announcement plays. If this seems like you need more time please let me know: I realize the top floors are quite large and we could: have the announcement play earlier or schedule more people if needed!




All 4 Front Doors Should Be Locked (About 9:45PM)

Push bar is out (door = locked)

Using the key labeled Front Door Key twist until the bar pops out then half turn the key to horizontal to pull out. At 9PM when you leave, make sure the door fully closes behind you (it should make a kind of clicking sound when it catches.) 

Don't forget to put all the keys back in the key box!


Suggested Phrasing that might help:

"We're excited to be able to offer 24 hour building access other nights in the week so closing on our quietest night allows for deep cleaning." 

"We will reopen tomorrow morning at 11AM and be open overnight all other nights this coming week."

Please do collect feedback if patrons have anything that might help (you can put it in the Closing Report!)

I'll work on finding a full list of other places that might be open so we'll be able to offer some alternatives starting in the fall!

Door Won't Lock

If you're really stuck and can't get the door to lock: contact Facilities at (617) 373-2754. You might need to contact NUPD if you can't lock up the building at closing time at 617-373-2121. Please let me know that this has happened. 

Patron Refuses to Leave

If you've informed them politely about the imminent close, it's clear they understand the building is closing for cleaning and they are still refusing to leave; take note of where they are and contact NUPD 617-373-2121. Please let me know that this has happened.

Patron's Belongings Left in Building Unattended

If you've checked restrooms and waited at least 15 minutes for them to return, lock belongings in Lost & Found closet and contact NUPD 617-373-2121 before leaving.