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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual


  • Supervisor on Duty: Acting as a staff person during library service hours. Be available to help student assistants at either service point. Make sure assistants are following procedure. The first step in an issue that needs to be escalated.

  • Monitor tickets to respond to noise complaints if they arrive via SMS. In the evenings you should do one complete round of the 3rd and 4th floors, ensuring quiet and removing any posters inappropriately taped to the building walls.

  • Monitor LibAnswers dashboard, especially on shifts when staff are not working (weekends before 1pm, holidays, etc.). 

  • Cover breaks for student employees at any service point

  • Keep the supplies table stocked and monitor supplies at the desk.

  • Handle issues as they come up such as alarms, room disputes, etc. 

  • Contact staff and provide updates about issues

  • Projects as available. (Example: inventorying board game collection components)

Closing shift checklist:

  • Put away Surfaces and computer accessories in electronics cabinet
  • Put away all supplies from the supplies table in the supplies cabinet.
  • Turn off the public computer at the desk
  • Lock the lost and found, supplies, and electronics cabinets
  • Put part-time key set back in the key box
  • Make sure the overnight guards have the yellow access pass
  • Put out the closed sign with the next day's date & hours on the desk and supplies table.
  • Close the door to the work room.
  • Ensure that the overnight cleaning signage has been placed on the appropriate floor.
    • Mondays: 4th Floor
    • Tuesdays: 3rd Floor
    • Wednesdays: 2nd Floor
    • Thursdays: 1st Floor
  • At quarter of closing time (10PM), make the 1st announcement using the red Notifier system (pictured below).
    • To use the notifier system: Press the button next to the corresponding floor you want to make an announcement on. While speaking hold down the button on the mic. When you are done speaking, press the button next to the floor again. 
    • Suggested Script: May I have your attention please. The _________ floor will be closed this evening for overnight cleaning. Please relocate to a different floor. Thank you.
  • Repeat the announcement at 5 minutes to the closing time. 

Officers from Northeast Security will clear the floor of people and ensure that the floor stays clear during the overnight period (10PM to 6AM)