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PHTH 1260: American Healthcare System: Get Started

A select group of resources for students in the American Healthcare System course.

Getting Started

What you will find here. This guide brings together resources to help in research assignments for the American Health System course. Tabs are labeled to identify the topic covered on that page, such as:

  • Databases and more: news sources, ebooks, and other resources to aid in your literature searching
  • Citing your sources:Information on using APA citation styles and tools to manage citations.

Need help getting started with your  research for your class assignments?

We have a variety of research tutorials covering things like how to pick a manageable research topic, choose effective search terms, locate peer-reviewed articles and more. View videos, slides and checklists!

ScholarOne Search

On the library homepage is a search box. This box, called ScholarOne Search is a discovery tool that will find resources available in our library collections. It can include videos, books and journal articles. Rather than using a specific database it searches by across a variety of resources. If doing extensive research on a specific topic, you may want to go directly to a structured database.

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