Citations for Health Sciences

This tutorial was created when I worked at Temple University. It was a collaborative effort between me and the Instruction Coordinator. You will see contact information that does not apply to Northeastern students but the tutorial itself is relevant to anyone citing in APA style, specifically related to health sciences. Northeastern updates will occur over the summer.

APA Style Sources-Tips on Tricky Ones

APA is an abbreviation for American Psychological Association. This style format is used across many health science fields. AMA from the American Medical Association is another one.

I find going directly to the source can be very uesful. APA has a website dedicated to their style format, which includes help on paper formatting as well as citation style formatting. Below you will see specific sections taken from the website,

Citing resources (not journal articles):

Adding citations to a citation/reference manager

  • When in a database and saving articles, look for the button to "download" or "export" your citations. This may be called something like "Bibliographic Citation Manager."
    • In some of the Temple subscriptions the choice for RefWorks is already selected.
  • Save and sort all of your citations in folders with identifying labels.
  • You can manually add other citations you may have directly into a citation manager.
  • You can select citations to create a bibliography and have it formatted automatically in the style of your choice.
    • You can easily enter in-text citations as you type your paper using the Word addon/plugin provided by the program.
      • Note: You have to either download or connect this to your word program first. 
  • Share your citations and bibliographies easily with the share options.