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Middle East Studies: News Sources

A guide to Middle East news sources, web databases, digital libraries, and research tools available at the NU Libraries

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Regional sources

Save time! Start with the daily briefing from (NU Only).  Every day, there's a country-by-country summary and translation of news from around the region. Covers news sources from all 22 Arab countries, plus Iran and the Arab diaspora.

Syria Civil War Map: updated daily, showing territories held by different parties in Syria

Al-Arabiya News (in English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu) is a leading CNN-style all-news television station and web site. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE

al-Hayat (in Arabic) is an international paper of record, with the largest circulation of any Arabic language newspaper.  A great daily read for students of Arabic wanting to practice language/reading skills!  

Al-Jazeera another leading broadcaster in the Middle East, based in Qatar.

Hurriyet  in Turkish or in  English is the most important daily newspaper in Turkey, 

The Jerusalem Post, an Israeli newspaper available in English, and Ha'aretz (somewhat to the left of the Post politically) are key to following Israeli politics and the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

The Jordan Times is a semi-official English language newspaper from Jordan. 



International Sources

International Sources

BBC is a reliable source for breaking news.

The Economist has the most in-depth news coverage of the Middle East you'll find. You can use the free version, but if you hit a paywall, articles are reprinted in Gale Academic OneFile

Global Post, is a nonprofit ad-free news site with reporters on the ground in the region. 


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