Teaching and Learning Support for Faculty, Students and Staff

The Recording Studios staff collaborate with faculty across the curriculum to help plan and implement media-based assignments and teach skills. 

For video productionphotography, graphics, planning and editing, contact  Peregrin Banrey, Digital Media and Video Coordinator: a.banrey@northeastern.edu

For music, sound, and podcast productions, contact Jonathan Iannone, Recording Studios Manager: Jonathan Iannone

For assistance with video and audio recording hardware, as well as post-production using Adobe Premiere Pro, contact Peregrin Banray, Digital Media and Video Coordinator: a.banrey@northeastern.edu

Need to borrow recording equipment? We have a small inventory of audio recording, photography, and video equipment to lend. Please send your requests to dmcstudios@northeastern.libanswers.com

For more information, contact, dmcstudios@northeastern.libanswers.com

Creating a Digital Media Assignment