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We are still offering consultation services during the COVID-19 move to online instruction. Please feel free to reach out for virtual appointments! For more information on library services and resources, please click here.

Digital Media Toolkit: Teaching and Learning Support

This Recording Studios guide assists with creating media assignments and projects.

Until further notice, the Recording Studios is providing remote services

If you need assistance from staff to help you create projects and presentations, to plan instruction or provide online consultations with you/your students,  please contact us at We are updating this toolkit to incorporate helpful tools you can use from home.

Teaching and Learning Support for Faculty, Students and Staff

The Recording Studios staff collaborate with faculty across the curriculum to help plan and implement media-based assignments and teach skills.  During the Covid-19 crisis, we will work with you to design and support media assignments that can be created remotely. 

Access the Teaching with the Recording Studios Remotely website here:

Feel free to contact members of our staff for technical assistance and project consultations on Microsoft Teams or Zoom:

For video productionphotography, graphics, planning and editing, contact  Antonio Banrey, Digital Media and Video Coordinator.

For music, sound, and podcast productions, contact Jon Reed, Digital Media and Audio Production Specialist.

For audio/music Skills and knowledge in recording hardware and techniques, post-production in Pro Tools, contact Chris DiPierro, Recording Studios Co-op.

For more information, contact, Debra Mandel, Director, Recording Studios.

Steps for Media Design

Piktochart Steps to Help Start a Video Project

Creating a Digital Media Assignment