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Computer Science : Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Computer Science

This guide provides a general overview of research resources in Computer Science, Gaming, Information Security; which includes online databases, journals, books, websites & other resources, finding tools and news.

Getting Started

This is a page with resources for promoting anti-racism and supporting diversity and inclusion in Computer Science. If you're looking for information on anti-racism in general, please check out our Anti-Racism Research Subject Guide or our page on Diversity and Anti-Racism in STEM

If you're not finding what you need, you can get help from your subject librarian. 

The resources listed here are not comprehensive, and they inevitably reflect the biases of the various creators. They are intended to provide guidance to a wide variety of resources within STEM. This page is by no means exhaustive and will be continuously updated. Please reach out to us with your feedback and suggestions.


Institutes and Organizations at Northeastern

For other groups and support at Northeastern, please click here to view the Support page on our Anti-Racism Guide.

Northeastern Resource and Cultural Centers:

Student Groups and Organizations:

Take Action

Reading, listening, and supporting the STEM-related organizations and initiatives included on this page are a great start.

Want to do more? Check out our page on taking action for other ways you can fight racism, including voting, volunteering, keeping up with the conversation, attending campus events, plus training and organizations beyond STEM that you can get involved with.

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