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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual


In this Level you will:

  • Complete the Working with Upset Customers LinkedIn Learning course
  • Learn how to access the key box
  • Practice training new proctors and assistants
  • Be the supervisor at the desk for 30 minutes
  • Complete Training Reflection

Working With Upset Customers

To complete this LinkedIn Learning course, you must firstly sign in with you Northeastern University account by clicking the "Sign In" button on the top right and using your email account. Then click the link for the course below.


In this level, you will be able to access the keybox to give out keys.

This is an image of the keybox. It is located in the workroom across from the large alarm panel.


The code for the lockbox is 2350A, then turn the handle to the right. This will open the keybox. You will see the keys, and a list of the keys on the inner door. There are a few keys that you may need to give out regularly.

040 Archives- Part time Archives staff members often need this key in the morning. You may give it to a PT staff member that asks for it.

047 Writing Center- There is a list of Writing Center staff that may take the Writing Center key. Check that their name is on this list.

Practice Training

Leads will help with training new access proctors and circulation assistants. You should be able to explain the following tasks to a new student. Working with a supervisor, practice explaining the following tasks as though you are speaking with someone completely unfamiliar with the library. Remember to explain the task, demonstrate, and then allow the trainee to practice doing the task themselves!

Access Point:

  • A tour of the Access Point
  • The panic button
  • The Husky Cards and the Lost and Found procedure
  • The Security Cameras computer
  • Husky WebAdmin view and what it looks like when people tap their card/ swipe their hand
  • The CBORD instructions and common troubleshooting that happens at the Access Point
  • The Access Exceptions list
  • Logging transactions in RefAnalytics
  • Using the phone

H&I Desk

  • A tour of the H&I Desk and Work Room shelves
  • Checking out books
  • Returning books
  • Renewing loans for a patron
  • Using SOS including requesting books from the Annex
  • Placing an ILL request
  • The lost and found system
  • Logging transactions in RefAnalytics
  • Using the phone

Alone at the Desk

When you are done reviewing all of the information in this level, please let Katie know.

Under staff member supervision, you will complete a one hour period as the supervisor of the shift. You will be responsible for the supervision of all the student employees working at the time.

H&I Leads Training Reflection