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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual


In this Level you will:

  • Complete cross-training for both service points
  • Log into Leads Alma
  • Review the Circulation Training Checklist 
  • Read articles about customer service in libraries
  • Complete Implicit Bias training (and optionally, take an implicit bias test)

Access Point or H&I Desk basic training

You should first start by completing the basic required training for both service points.

Once you have completed these trainings, notify Katie so you can be scheduled for your first shift at the second service point.

H&I Leads Alma Account

The 2022 log in information for the H&I Leads account is:

Username: hidesklead
Password: 7bt$G57J

Always use the H&I Leads Alma for your shifts

Before continuing, you should have the following required Alma & SOS Knowledge:

  • Search for a patrons account by their name, NUID or email
  • Check to see when books are due on a patrons account
  • See where a book on a patrons account is from (law library, ILL, etc..)
  • See if a patron has fines
  • Check a patron's requests
  • Find what the status of a request is
  • Check out a book to a patron
  • Renew a book
  • Return a book
  • Request a book from the Annex
  • Search for books, reserve books, e-books on Scholar OneSearch
  • Submit an ILL request

Customer Service

Read the following articles about customer service in Libraries:

Implicit Bias Training

To complete this LinkedIn Learning course, you must firstly sign in with you Northeastern University account by clicking the "Sign In" button on the top right and using your email account. Then click the link for the course below.


Please complete this reflection when you are completed with this module. You may move onto the next level after notifying Katie.