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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual

Office Policies

Welcome to Resource Sharing!


Our office processes interlibrary loan requests.  Interlibrary loan is a free service for all currently affiliated Northeastern faculty, staff, and students. If you need an item that is unavailable at the Library, we will attempt to borrow it for you from another library.


Quick Links


Request Options


Help and Contact


(617) 373-8276

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm

IMPORTANT:  Please Read all the way through!  ^-^

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the campus’s continuous efforts to Protect the Pack, we are taking precautions for the safety of you, us, and our patrons.  I apologize for the length of this letter, but there is a lot of information that I need to update you on.  Please read and get back to me with any questions you may have:



Entering the Library, HUSKY IDS ARE REQUIRED!
To enter the library, you MUST have a current valid Northeastern Husky Card (no sign-ins will be permitted).  You will also need your card to tap access into staff areas.  We have given your IDs access to 260SL, 270SL, the Staff break room, and the Circ area on the 1st floor.  Do not forget your card and keep it on you at all times! 



Masks, Social Distancing, and Sanitizing Wipes

Northeastern University now requires masks to be worn at all times while on campus, so please keep your mask on while in the building and our office space.  We will provide hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and gloves for your use.  There is also a sink in our office where you can wash your hands.  All areas of Snell Library, including our office space, are on a constant cleaning schedule to keep the building sanitized.  



Required Covid-19 Testing and the Wellness Check
Part of the updated guidelines from Student Employment emphasizes the importance of all student workers to comply with NU student testing guidelines and the wellness check.  Please refer here for details.  



Don’t feel well?  What to do
If at any time you feel unwell (even if you think it is just a cold or allergies and not Covid), then please:

1.    DO NOT WORK your next shift(s)
2.    Notify your supervisor asap
3.    Make sure that you are reporting your symptoms during your Daily Wellness Check and following the advisement of the healthcare workers Q3 on NU's FAQ page here
4.    Get lots of rest, take it easy, and we hope you get well soon!!! 

Once you are feeling better and have 1 negative Covid-19 test result, then you are clear to re-engage in campus life and can return to work. Please email your supervisor when you are ready to return to work and await their instructions.



Break Time and Food 
In order to adhere to University’s COVID related guidelines, full time, part time, and student staff should not eat at their workstations.   No food is to be consumed in the Resource Sharing office or Circulation Desk areas.  Food should only be eaten in the staff lounge.  Drinking liquids in our office or at the Circulation Desk is still okay! 

So, if you have a break and would like to eat, please go to the staff lounge.  Your HuskyID will give you tap access. 

The staff lounge is located on the 2nd floor.  Please see here: 

Through this door: 
Once through this door, the Staff Lounge will be your first door on the right. 


Wipe down the keyboard, start button, and mouse of any computer station you choose to use.  Only 2 computer stations are available to use in order to social distance.  The one with the scanner and the one closest to the sink.  Do not use the third computer, it has a sign:


There are no physical time sheets.  There might be a formal, online timesheet at a later date.  For now, at the start of your shift, please say “Hi” and “Goodbye” on the RS Teams chat.  Each computer station in the office has the MS Teams application pre-loaded to the desktop.  You just need to sign in with your myNEU username and password and access our Team.



MS Teams 
I have created a Team for us on MS Teams.  It is called Resource Sharing Department (Interlibrary Loan @ Snell Library).  Here is the link to our Resource Sharing Team.

Our Team is split between General (for our online “timesheet” and questions) and Training Guides (for all our Training info).  Your supervisors are available to chat and Video call through Teams during your shift for any and all questions you may have!  



Someone asked me for help out in the Library.  What do I do?
There is little to no direct interaction between you and patrons.  But, as you will be shifting books and packages between floors, then you may get stopped by a patron for help.  If it does happen, then gently explain that you are just student staff shifting books/packages and that library staff can be reached via the Chat online for assistance.  Library homepage and Chat



Done for the day?  Shut down and Sanitize!
15 minutes before your shift ends, STOP!  

1.    Return any materials to their pre-process shelves.  
2.    Log out of Teams and any other applications.
3.    Turn of the computer.
4.    Wipe down the computer and mouse you were using with wipes.



Questions? Comments? Fears or Worries?
If you have any questions or concerns, then please reach out to your supervisor via email and we will address any conflicts you may have.  Moreover, if you develop concerns at any point while you are working, please reach out to us and we will make accommodations wherever we can.  Our top priority is your health and safety.




These guidelines are strictly for my own Resource Sharing Aide student workers and will differ from other departments.  If you have another job on campus, then make sure you check with them to see what their policies are.


  1. If Northeastern University is CLOSED (when you are watching school closings on the news, online, or radio), then the office is closed.  DO NOT COME INTO WORK!!!

  1. If Northeastern is not officially CLOSED, but you feel that coming to work would be dangerous for you to do, then DO NOT COME INTO WORK!!! And, just call me/send me an e-mail to that effect.  Don't forget my number is 617-373-3198, e-mail is, and the main office number is 617-373-8276, e-mail is

  1. If you have an afternoon shift and the campus announces that afternoon activities/classes are canceled due to the weather, then go with #2.  Work if you can, but if you feel the weather is getting worse and you need to get home while you still can, then DO NOT COME INTO WORK!!!  And, just call me/send me an e-mail to that effect.

  1. If the campus is not CLOSED, if you feel the weather is okay to travel in when the campus does not get CLOSED, or if it doesn't snow even though all news channels say it will (it has happened), then do come in for your shift.

If you have any questions or are unsure about these protocols, then please contact your supervisor.

What to Do When Pamela is Out of the Office?


  • Check in with Molly and/or other Resource Sharing full time staff to see if they need help with anything. In the rare event that all supervisors are out, then do not worry about checking in with a supervisor and proceed with the rest of the list.
  • Here is a list of duties in order of priority. Please work on what you have been trained on. Anything you haven’t trained in yet, please skip.


1. ​Banding ILLiad Borrowing Books: (there is usually a truck parked in front of Molly’s desk, with all the paperwork already printed out; if there is no paperwork, then the set is not ready for banding yet) band books and shelve on the Hold Shelf

2. Open and sort Incoming Mail

3. Process Rapid E-journals

4. Scan Articles

5. Book Searching (any pull slips will be in the wooden tray to the right of the Sign In sheet)

6. Hold Shelf Check: make sure the shelf is in alphabetical order by last name, make sure all the books are upright and not falling over, and pull any expired interlibrary loans and add them to the ILLiad Return shelves (only pull books for the day before; if today is Tuesday September 2nd, then you would pull any books up to Monday September 1st; also, ignore any books without our bands on the front cover, someone else is in charge of those books)

7. ILLiad Borrowing Returns: pull all returns from the ILLiad Return shelves on the 1st floor area behind Circulation, ‘Check In’ on the Borrowing side of ILLiad, print the Thank You slips, match the slips to the books by Title and TN#, undo our banding, and put the books on the outgoing shelves by their shipping method.

8. Ship Outgoing UPS

9. Ship Outgoing Courier

10. Ship Outgoing Bookrate

11. Ship Outgoing FedEx

12. Break a truck “Needs to be Sorted”

13. Build a truck “To Be Shelved” (double sided, 2 shelves)

14. Shelve a truck “To Be Shelved”


  • Don’t forget to take your break (if you qualify for one) during your shift.
  • If you have a question, then please go to Molly or other Resource Sharing staff. If they are unavailable, then leave a post-it note with your question on my computer monitor. If it is a book, then leave it on my desk with a post-it note attached.
  • All duties done (that you have been trained in), then final check in with Molly and/or a Resource Sharing Lead to see if they need help with anything. Nothing, then quiet study until your shift ends. Or, you can leave early, but you have to sign out early (make sure to tell Molly or a Resource Sharing Lead and send Pamela an email).


Thank you and have a good day!

  • Casual.
  • Comfortable, but not revealing.
  • Suit and Tie are not necessary.
  • Footwear on at all times.  Hopefully, comfortable as you will be walking around to transport books.
  • No clothing with sexist or racist language or symbols please.

Resource Sharing Staff Guidelines



  • Calls under 30 seconds is okay in the office.
  • Calls over 30 seconds, but under 5 minutes is to be taken to the back hallway after notifying a supervisor that you are doing so.
  • Calls over 5 minutes will be taken out of your sign-in and/or break time.
  • Texting:  Keep text messaging to a minimum.  3-5 texts during a shift is acceptable.  3-5 texts a minute is not.


Food & Drinks

  • NEVER around any of the machines.
  • Due to NU’s current Covid-19 safety policies, no food is to be consumed in office spaces.  Please only eat in the Staff Lounge.
  • You may drink liquids in the office.



  • Yes you may!  We encourage you to interact with your co-workers and get to know one another.  But, please remember to continue working while you talk and moderate your speech in both volume and word choice.  Keep in mind, this is a small office and the full-time staff may be trying to speak with a patron either on the phone or in person.



  • Always check with a supervisor before using a computer for personal use.
  • There is absolutely NO computer usage allowed on any of the open computers while you are on a stack search.


Photocopier/Printer (office)

  • Always check with a supervisor before using the copier/printer for personal use.  This benefit is only allowed to our student workers (not extended to friends/family).  Please keep copies to a minimum.



  • Absolutely NO personal FAX usage is allowed.


iPods & all other portable media players

  • Usage of any of these items during work hours is allowed only for music.
  • Please make sure to moderate your volume.  If other people can hear you, then it is too loud (and defeats the purpose of the personal media player).



  • Always inform Pamela as soon as you know you will need time off.
  • Always call or e-mail if you can’t come in to tell your supervisor.  The office number is 617-373-8276.  The e-mail address is  Please, cc a copy to Pamela at



  • You acquire 5 minutes of break time for every hour you work, but are only allowed to use that time after you have worked 3 hours on any one day.
  • Make sure to inform a supervisor before leaving for your break.
  • If you go on a break during a stack search, then never leave your truck upstairs while you are on your break.  Bring it down with you when you tell your supervisor.