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Digital Media Toolkit: Project Essentials

This Recording Studios guide assists with creating media assignments and projects.

Planning a Project

1. Articulate your project, and submit your project form.  Consult with Recording Studio staff to help you get started.

2. Detail your pre-production steps.  See Video Resources tab for more info.

   a. Create storyboard

   b. Write script.

   c. Establish crew

   d. Map out workflow with milestone dates.

 3. Get general help by writing

For video productionphotography, graphics, planning and editing, contact  Antonio Banrey, Digital Media and Video Coordinator.

For music, sound, and podcast productions, contact Jon Reed, Digital Media and Audio Production Specialist.

For audio/music Skills and knowledge in recording hardware and techniques, post-production in Pro Tools, contact Chris DiPierro, Recording Studios Co-op.

3. Detail Production Steps

 b. Record, shoot and gather project elements.

 c. *Get releases signed. See form on bottom of the page.

4. Detail Post-production Steps

a. Assemble your material.

b.Choose/learn software:

d. Screen rough cut

e. Make changes and screen again.

f. Make back-ups of work and upload to digital sites in collaboration with faculty or Recording Studios staff.


Note, the Recording Studios will review all submissions for posting to the Showcase.





Steps for Media Design

Piktochart Steps to Help Start a Video Project

Learn Production Techniques

Northeastern University Libraries Resources:

Online Library Tools:

Other Resources:

Software and Hardware