Dissertations & Theses Collections

Dissertations and theses are long-form papers written by advanced students. These assignments are often part of completing a degree, supervised by faculty, and can involve thoughtful and detailed research.

You might be interested in dissertations or theses as:

  • examples for your own similar projects
  • to see what student researchers are working on
  • to look for academic work that hasn't yet been published

How do I find dissertations that use my framework or methodology?

Unfortunately, there is no way to limit your search for dissertations just by your framework or methodology. Instead, try searching for your topic within the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (Opens in new window) database. Add a search term related to your framework (ex. "critical race theory") or your methods (ex. "case study"). While you may still retrieve some results that do not use the theory as their framework, it will help to narrow your results and retrieve dissertations that do use that framework or method.

How do I find dissertations supervised by my advisor/chair?

To limit your search to just dissertations supervised by your advisor/chair, go to the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database.

screenshot of author, advisor, and university options on ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Advanced search page

After the keyword search boxes, look for the Advisor search box. Click on the Look up Advisors link after the search box and search for your advisor/chair by last name in the pop-up search. You might see multiple spellings of their name. Check the box next to all that apply and click the Add to Search button.

Next, click on the Look up Universities/Institutions link after the University/Institution search box. Search for Northeastern University in the pop up. Check the box next to Northeastern University and click the Add to Search button.

Back on the advanced search page, Click the Search button. This will search for any dissertations that your advisor supervised at Northeastern. If you don't find any results, it's possible that your advisor:

  • has not yet supervised any dissertations at Northeastern.
  • has changed their last name.

How do I submit my dissertation or thesis?

Information about submitting dissertations and theses online is available at the University Archives website.