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Civil & Environmental Engineering : Transportation

Transportation Research Resources

National and International Transportation Statistics + Data

Transportation Engineering - Library of Congress Classification

Classification Scheme - Transportation Engineering

Many titles including reference are online: hard copies are in the stacks on the 4th floor Snell Library; Reference titles are on the 3rd floor

TE 1-450 Highway Engineering.
175-176.5 Highway Design, Interchanges and Intersections
177-178.8 Roadside Development, Landscaping
200-205 Materials for Roadmaking
206-209.5 Location Engineering
210-228.3 Construction Details (including foundations, maintenance, equipment)
250-278.8 Pavements and Paved Roads
279 Streets
279.5-298 Pedestrian Facilities
280-295 Sidewalks, Footpaths, Flagging
298 Curbs, Curbstones
TF 1-1620 Railroads.
200-320 Railway Construction
340-499 Railway Equipment and Supplies
501-668 Railway Operation and Management
670-851 Local and Light Railways
840-851 Elevated Railways and Subways
855-1127 Electric Railways
1300-1620 High Speed Ground Transportation
TG 1-470 Bridge Engineering.
21-127 Country Divisions
215-255 Bridge Legislation and Laws (now Class K)
327-418 Special Types of Bridges
420-470 Bridges for Special Uses