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Middle East Studies: Middle East Studies at Northeastern

A guide to Middle East news sources, web databases, digital libraries, and research tools available at the NU Libraries

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About Middle East Studies at Northeastern

Middle East Studies

Middle East Studies is an undergraduate interdisciplinary program in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. View web site

Major: Students who want to major in Middle East Studies may major in International Affairs with a concentration in the Middle East.  International Affairs, in addition to coursework, requires experiential learning such as a semester study abroad program, two approved Dialogue of Civilizations faculty-led programs, international co-op, or another approved international experience.  Jewish Studies may be a combined major with Religion.

Minor: Students may also take coursework to minor in Middle East Studies or Jewish Studies. See course requirements (PDF)

Director: Valentine Moghadam

Head Advisor: Kimberly Jones

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Arabic and Hebrew are taught at Northeastern.  Arabic is also a minor.

Middle East Center

The Middle East Center at Northeastern supports research and promotes interest in the region.

Co-Directors: Dennis Sullivan and Dov Waxman