Rayyan Tutorials

Below, you will find a series of video tutorials focused on using the tool Rayyan to screen articles for systematic reviews and other evidence synthesis projects.

  1. Creating a Review in Rayyan
  2. Inviting Collaborators to Your Review in Rayyan
  3. Deduplicating in Rayyan
  4. Title / Abstract Screening Using Rayyan
  5. Full Text Screening Using Rayyan

Training Opportunities

Missed our Fall 2021 Training Series? Watch the recorded webinars below. Click on the images below and log in to open up the webinars in a new tab. For questions, comments, and any accessibility or captioning requests, please email Philip Espinola Coombs (p.coombs@northeastern.edu).

Note: These webinars are available to Northeastern affiliates only. If you wish to view the webinars and are not a Northeastern affiliate, please email Philip Espinola Coombs (p.coombs@northeastern.edu).

Basics of a Systematic Review: Getting Oriented (Part 1 of 3)

Systematic reviews are more than simply a robust literature review. Join this webinar to learn the methodology of a systematic review and how it differs from a literature review. You will also get an introduction to other evidence synthesis types.

Creating the Search for a Systematic Review (Part 2 of 3)

The search forms the foundation for a systematic review. All subsequent analysis depends on the creation of a comprehensive search. If we think of the search as forming the basis of the project’s ‘dataset’, we know that good data is crucial to the success of a project. Join this webinar to learn where to search, how to structure your search, and how to build your search.

Tips and Tools for Completing a Systematic Review (Part 3 of 3)

Completing a systematic review is no small feat. In this webinar, we will focus on tips and tools available to you to help streamline the process of completing a systematic review.