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Research Tutorials : Get Started

Get started

This guide includes video, text-based and interactive tutorials on a variety of interdisciplinary and subject-specific topics. These tutorials have largely been organized by stages in the research process. Clicking on the menu on the left side of the page will open up a list of the tutorial topics available on that page. You can also scan the comprehensive listing below.

Research Basics

Scholar OneSearch

Search Tips and Strategies

Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Sources

Evaluate Sources

Cite Sources

Data & Statistics

Subject-specific Tutorials

  • Art & Architecture Research

    • Finding images using the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
  • Business & Market Research

    • Public vs. private companies
    • How to find information on private companies
    • Market research: How to find industry information
    • Market research: How to find company information
    • Market research: How to find customer demographic information
    • Market research: How to find country background information
  • Education Research

    • How to recognize a research article
    • How to find peer reviewed articles
    • Use the library to find educational controversies
    • What are peer reviewed empirical studies (and how can I tell if I've found one?)
    • How do I find peer reviewed empirical research articles?
    • Empirical vs. theoretical articles
    • How do I find action research?
    • Locate information about theoretical frameworks
    • Advanced search strategies for Education research
    • Practitioner journals: what they are and how to find them
    • How do I find cases and law review articles in Westlaw Campus Research?
  • History Research

    • How do I find historical newspapers?
  • STEM & Health Sciences Research

    • How to create an O'Reilly for Higher Education Account
    • Primary vs. review articles
    • How do I find articles written by a nurse?
    • How to read the title of a standard
    • How do we know when to cite evidence?
    • When do we need to cite the original source?
    • How to cite figures in IEEE style
    • How to cite interviews in IEEE style
    • What is inclusive citation
    • Patent searching strategies
    • Patent searching: Google Patent search
    • How can I create a more comprehensive search for literature in the health sciences?
    • PubMed Essentials
    • How to use MeSH terms in your PubMed search
    • How to build a MeSH search
    • How to find clinical trials in PubMed
    • MathSciNet
    • Web of Science
    • Creating a review in Rayyan
    • Inviting collaborators to your Rayyan review
    • Deduplicating in Rayyan
    • Title/abstract screening using Rayyan
    • Full text screening using Rayyan

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