We offer sessions ranging from an overview of library resources, search strategies, and evaluating information resources to topic and research question development to citations, citation management, and ethical use of information. We can visit your class in person or via Zoom, host a class at the library, or put together an online workshop or video tutorial to embed in a Canvas module or course website.

Library instruction sessions are most effective when they meet these criteria:

  • the session is related to a specific assignment or research need.
  • students have research topics in mind and are familiar with assignment requirements.
  • the session is timed for when students will realistically begin their research (library sessions on the first day of class tend to fall on deaf ears!).
  • the session is mandatory for students and occurs during regular class time.
  • the instructor has specific goals or learning outcomes in mind for the session.

For more information about setting up a library instruction session, or to talk about how I can most effectively work with your class, please contact me or see the Instruction Request page on the library website.

Research Consultations

In addition to teaching classes and workshops, we provide research assistance and guidance for researchers at all levels. If your course schedule does not allow for a library session, feel free to list Brian or Maura on your syllabus as a resource for students.

We also work directly with faculty and researchers. If you'd like help with your research project, you can schedule an appointment with Brian or Maura. In addition to in-person appointments, We are happy to work with you over email, phone, Teams, or Zoom.

Material Requests

Is there a book, film, journal, database, or other material you think the library should have? Contact us directly or use the Recommend a Purchase form on the library website.

As a general policy, the library does not purchase textbooks; however, exceptions can be made in specific cases.

Other Faculty Resources