Getting started: Finding Relevant Scholarly Literature in Mathematics

Tackling a new topic?

Try looking for a review article first.  Review articles attempt to summarize the state of research on a scientific topic.  While lengthy and not generally including the very latest research, review articles can be a great way to start to get a handle on a topic.  

Don't overlook the literature cited at the end of the review: the bibliography contains a wealth of information about the key discoveries and main researchers in the field.  

Most databases will allow you to limit your search to include only review articles or literature reviews.  

Key Resources

For articles describing primary research using scientific methods, written by experts in the field, try these databases:

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Did you know? 

Mathematics has its own Subject Classification system to help people find articles and other materials on specific subjects. Mostly used in Mathematical Reviews (MathSciNet) and Zentrallblatt MATH, it is a useful for looking at similar articles, or for understanding the different types and branches of mathematics.