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Game Design: Board Game Collection

A guide to librarian-recommended research methods and resources for game design and theory.

Northeastern University Library's Board Game Collection (Boston, MA)

Northeastern University Library Board Game Collection logo with dice

The Northeastern University Library in Boston, MA collects board games for the curricular study of tabletop games and in support of co-curricular and recreational activities. This circulating collection is expanded yearly to include newly released, critically-acclaimed, or award-winning games, as well as those that illustrate the genre's breadth of format, type, and content.

Games can be checked out from the Help and Information Desk in the library lobby for 3 days.

If you have any questions about the collection please email Regina Pagani (Arts, Humanities, and Experiential Learning Librarian) or Khyle Hannan (Entrepreneurship Librarian).

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Books about Board Games and Gaming (online and in print at Boston, MA)

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