Citing Sources

Chicago Manual of Style

Online book: Chicago Manual of Style: The Notes and Bibliography System

Citation Examples: books and journal articles, websites

Frequently asked citation examples/questions:  

ALWAYS proofread your citations!  Suggested citations and automatic formatting are imperfect.

  • JSTOR does not always provide "Place of publication" information for books.  You may need to find that on Amazon or Google books and add it manually.
  • JSTOR treats single-author book chapters as if they were independent items, instead of citing them as a book. Click on the book title and then "cite this" in order to get a more correct citation format for books by single authors.
  • Check upper/lower case: All words in a title are capitalized unless they are prepositions or conjunctions.  

The library offers webinars and online help for good citation practice and Endnote, Mendelay, Refworks, Zotero software