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HIST 2301 ~ Civil Wars, Insurgencies & Violent Non-State Actors in Contemporary World History

About Primary Sources


Primary sources online relating to civil wars and insurrections

Primary source digital collections online


Histoire de la colonisation du Belge

Congo Decolonization (US State Department Historian)

Rwanda Radio Transcripts Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies

Genocide Archive of Rwanda

The US and the Rwandan Genocide (National Security Archive at GWU)

Sudan (United Nations documents)

Human Rights Watch (search "Sudan") in Reports



Vietnam War (Wilson Center)

Vietnam Virtual Archive (Texas Tech)

Cambodia Genocide Program (Yale: documents, photos, database)

China's Cultural Revolution (Wilson Center Digital Archive)


Europe: Ireland and The Troubles

Times of London Digital Archive is an invaluable source for information on specific events during the period of the troubles.  It may be interesting to compare coverage in the Boston Globe, whose audience may have been more sympathetic to the IRA. 

UK National Archives: selected documents on Northern Ireland from the Prime Minister's cabinet


Europe: Yugoslav/Kosovo War 1991-1995

Insider's Guide to the criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia at the Hague (book, available at the NU School of Law)

International Criminal Tribunal Court Records (a huge archive, searchable in English; see this article for an overview of the materials.)

To End A War, diplomat Richard Holbrooke's account of brokering the Dayton Accords. (book available at Snell Library)


Latin America

See Primary source collections on Latin American history : documents, photographs, maps, statistics, and other resources in English and vernacular languages.


Middle East

1948 Arab-Israeli Conflict (Mass Humanities) key documents

Key documents from 1922 forward on Palestine (Yale Law)

Nashriya: Digital Iranian History (University of Manchester-in Farsi)

The Speeches of Ayatollah Khomeini

National Archives selected documents on Iran Hostage Crisis



Soviet Afghan War (Wilson Center )

Afghanistan Materials (University of Nebraska) includes Afghan Times

Russian Revolution (EuroDocs BYU),_Civil_War_and_USSR_1917-1991


South and Southeast Asia

The Road to Partition (UK National Archives)