Draft Script

DMC Tour script, DRAFT 9/11/2012 REVISED 11/27/12 (To be updated soon 6/29/23)


1.     At DMC Help desk

·       What is the DMC?

                                               i.     The Digital Media Commons (DMC) is a collaborative learning facility: a media lab and digital creativity center. The DMC includes:

                                             ii.     Support services for both research and technology, including walk-up technical and reference help, 24/7 chat and phone support, workshops, teaching and one-on-one instruction, and more.

                                            iii.     DMC is centered around media types: including video, audio, animation, game design; AutoCAD, GIS, Data analysis, and other creative work.

                                            iv.     Commons serves the whole university community, available 24/7 and encourage collaboration and cross-disciplinary work.


2.     Audio/video/animation side

·       Group work rooms with specialized presentation technology

·       DMC 1,2,4: collaboration, reservable; white boards, plug-in connections to display, plus future web-based sharing.

Still to come, by mid-October:

·       o   DMC 3: multi-touch plasma collaboration surface with capability to move content from collaboration surface or personal device to display with the flick of a wrist

·       o   DMC 5: semi-immersive open air editing for digital narratives, game design, animation; very wide screen display with three coordinated digital projectors, including ‘windows’ in display for associated material such as alternate video/still clips, script, score;  Surround Sound 5.1, comfortable seating for collaborative authoring/editing

·       Circle area for large groups, all reserve-able online for students

·       DMC studio, with production facilities & equipment, including cameras, microphones, green screen & sound studio.


·       Mac workstation

·       Dual-monitor imac loaded with comprehensive media production and editing software, including:

                                               i.     Adobe Creative Suite 6 (photoshop, etc.)

                                             ii.     Adobe After Effects (motion graphics)

                                            iii.     Avid Media Composer (video/audio)

                                            iv.     Final Cut Pro X

                                              v.     Logic Pro

                                            vi.     Autodesk Maya


·       Campfire table:

·       The DMC is centered around flexible work areas, like these campfire tables, where you can plug in or share your screen with co-workers

·       Media:scapes with comfortable seating, reserve-able online

·       Power outlet saturation, never far from an outlet!

·       Moveable furniture & whiteboards to accommodate all sizes/types of groups


·       GIS/CAD/Data area

·       PC workstation:

                                               i.     AutoCAD

                                             ii.     ArcGIS

                                            iii.     SPSS/SAS



  • 8.5x11 Black and White:  Although labeled as Infocommons BW, it does work in the DMC and elsewhere on campus where we offer 8.5x11 pharos printing.
  • 8.5x11 Color: There is no separate queue to print to for this size.  Instruct the user to print to the DMC Color 11x17 and choose "Letter" size.  This will print to the appropriate size paper, but will charge the amount for the 11x17 until the package is updated with the separate queue.
  • 11x17 Black and White: This printer's queue is the default, which Pharos is still troubleshooting.  If someone prints to Black and White 8.5x11 and says that it is not showing up on the card swipe, then have them reprint and make sure that they are printing to the 8.5x11 queue described above.
  • 11x17 Color: Is working as intended.


To come later: large format printing, giclee printing

  •   To come at entry: welcome Kiosk with dual interactive workstations
  •     DMC website


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