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Multimedia Resources for Research and Content Creation: Home

This interdisciplinary guide provides resources to support the creation of scholarly digital projects and presentations.

Open Access Research Subject Guide

Open Access means making research available online to the public to read and use free of charge and with as few restrictions as possible. Use this Guide to help locate open access text and multimedia resources to use in your project.

Key Image Resource- Art Stor

Art Stor's digital library includes more than 2 million high-quality images for education and research from a wide variety of contributors around the world.


Snow by Saul Leiter


Use this guide to assist with research, instruction, content creation and copyright compliance.                                                                                                                                                                 

Getting started 
Identify some keywords to describe your research topic and use Scholar One Search  to search all the library collections, articles and more.



Digital Repository Service (DRS) Studio Project Showcase

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