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Anthropology: ANTH 4508 Anthropology of Law

A guide to print and online resources in anthropology

What is Anthropology of Law?

Another way to get background information--look for a book/book review.

Required Texts

NOTE: Internet Archives has a PDF of the 1926 edition of Malinowski,  
Crime and Custom in Savage Society.

Selected Print Tools

Scholar OneSearch

The Presentation

To use media for your presentation, check the Digital Media Studio checklist to plan your project.

Searching for books and articles



Search Scholar OneSearch for anthropology law---check out related print and online books in the virtual browse feature below!


Selected Research Tools

Try searching "law and custom"--you will get fewer, and more specific, results.

Foucault and Panopticon

"Panopticon" by Jeremy Bentham - The works of Jeremy Bentham vol. IV, 172-3. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -

Panopticon at NU!  a.k.a. Webcams

What happened to Jeremy Bentham's head??  What is the Auto Icon?