Why Use the Library?

Web search engines such as Google are convenient for quickly finding information that is freely available online. 


  • Much of the most valuable and important material is not free.  
  • Web search engines offer limited search options.

Library databases:

  • Offer flexible search options that help you to quickly identify the best content on your topic. 
  • Link to the full text or to options for quickly obtaining the full text at no cost.
  • Help you to manage your content and cite it properly.

Checklist for Research

  • Express your research topic in the form of a statement or a question and identify pertinent keywords
  • Determine the type and amount of information you need
  • Select the appropriate research tools.
  • Search the research databases effectively to retrieve relevant results
  • Evaluate search results and refine your search if necessary
  • Get the full text of the materials you need
  • Understand the legal and ethical issues involved in use of the materials you have collected
  • Cite your sources