OA Journals

Open access journals are not by definition lower quality than subscription-based journals. Peter Suber says it best:

"OA journals can use the same peer review procedures, the same standards, and even the same people as toll access (TA) journals.  This isn't hypothetical, and actually happens whenever established TA journals convert to OA.  The key variables in journal quality are the quality of authors, the quality of editors, and the quality of referees, all of which are independent of the journal's price or medium."

If you're looking for an open access journal to publish in, use the Directory of Open Access Journals or see our guide to finding a publication venue.

If you are publishing with established subscription-based scholarly societies and publishers, learn how to make your work open, and which publishers offer discounts on author processing charges for Northeastern researchers, on our Open Access Publishing page. 

Search for Open Access Articles

Scholar OneSearch, Northeastern's library catalog and discovery system, contains journal articles from many open access sources, such as the Public Library of Science and BioMed Central. 

Example: Use the "open access" filter on the search results screen to find open access materials.

Open access filter in Scholar OneSearch

Open Access Books

Books can be shared online as well as journal articles! Some are in the public domain, meaning they are not protected by copyright law, while others are specifically licensed for open access use.

Journals Recently Added to DOAJ

The Directory of Open Access Journals contains over 10,000 journals and is growing all the time. Journals in DOAJ must meet standards for inclusion. Here are some titles that were recently added to the directory:

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