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Archives and Special Collections: Science & Technology

A guide to historical materials housed in the Northeastern University Libraries, Archives and Special Collections Department.

Science & Technology

Student working in chemistry laboratory, 1935.Panayiota Araszkiewicz, a professor of Medical Laboratory Science, holding a beaker in a laboratory, ca. September 1995.Medical technology students take an x-ray, April 14, 1971.Chemistry students conducting experiments in a laboratory, 1995.


American Society for Engineering Education Records

  • Founded in 1893 as the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education (SPEE), the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) is a nonprofit organization of individuals, institutions, and companies dedicated to improving all aspects of engineering education.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Mechanical Engineering Technology Department Heads Committee Records

  • The Mechanical Engineering Technology Department Heads Committee, a committee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers [ASME], was established to receive and act upon recommendations from Mechanical Engineering Technology Department Heads, to sponsor activities and meetings to discuss mechanical engineering technology education, student activities, faculty development and other appropriate matters and their relation to the professional development of mechanical engineering technologists, and to make recommendations resulting from such activities and discussions to the appropriate ASME bodies.

Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis Records

  • Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis, formerly named the Institute of Chemical Analysis, Applications and Forensic Science, was established in 1973. The Institute originally spearheaded graduate education and research in analytical chemistry, materials science, and forensic science; it now includes technology development and applications for biological research.

Arthur Batcheller Papers

  • Freelance photographer and radio inspector, Arthur Batcheller (1888-1978) received his First Class Radio Operators license from the Boston YMCA Polytechnic School in 1913. He was chief radio inspector for the Second Federal Radio District (Port of New York) and Traveling Supervisor of Radio.

Charles Harold Berry Papers

  • Charles Harold Berry (1889-1965) was a professor of mechanical engineering at Northeastern University, 1955-1964.

Boston Elevated Railway Company. Library Records

  • On July 2, 1894 the Massachusetts Legislature authorized the incorporation of the Boston Elevated Railway Company, a private company formed to build elevated railway lines to the suburbs of Greater Boston. In 1916, the Boston Elevated Railway Company established the Boston Elevated Railway Library at its general offices. The library housed material relating to the company, new technology, safety, and materials about other transportation systems around New England, the United States, and the world. The Boston Elevated Railway Company, consumed by financial problems, was subsumed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority to become a government entity on August 29, 1947.

Chas. T. Main, Inc. Records

  • Chas. T. Main, Inc. was a Boston engineering company founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate Charles T. Main in 1893. Main was a mechanical engineer working in the textile mills of New England and a major developer in the new field of hydroelectric power. In 1992, the company's name was changed to Parsons Main, Inc., located in Canton, Massachusetts as a subsidiary of Parsons Corporation.

Laurence F. Cleveland Papers

  • Laurence Fuller Cleveland, born May 6, 1905, taught electrical engineering at Northeastern. He began as a drawing instructor, and, after a 44 year career (1929-1973), retired as a tenured professor.

Israel Katz Papers

  • Israel Katz (1917-2003), Northeastern University Class of 1941, was a mechanical engineer, administrator, and faculty member at Northeastern University.

Marine Science Center Records

  • In 1967, the Marine Science Center, then the Marine Science Institute, was founded in order to provide space for master and doctoral level students and visiting scientists to conduct research in ocean chemistry, water quality, and pollution. The Marine Science Center (MSC), located in Nahant, opened on October 29, 1969 as the David F. and Edna F. Edwards Marine Science Laboratory.

NASA Memorabilia and Newspaper Articles Collection

  • The NASA Memorabilia and Newspaper Articles collection documents the developments of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration from 1963–1968 particularly in connection with Northeastern University and Greater Boston

Harold R. Raemer Papers

  • Educator Harold R. Raemer (1924-2007) was a professor of electrical engineering at Northeastern University. He was chair of the Electrical Engineering Department from 1966–1977, and he served as acting chair from 1982–1984. He became technical director for RF Phenomena and Systems in Northeastern University's Center for Electromagnetics Research in 1985. He wrote two books: Radar Systems Principles in 1969 and Statistical Communication Theory and Applications in 1997.

Eugene M. Reppucci, Jr. Papers

  • Eugene Reppucci received a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University in 1960 and a Master of Education degree in 1965. Reppucci was also awarded an honorary degree in 1995. Reppucci was appointed the Assistant Director of Development at Northeastern in 1962 and remained in that department until 1995 when he retired as Senior Vice President of Development.