Northeastern University's Yearbook: The Cauldron

Black leather year book cover decorated with black and red large geometric shapes that are embossed on the cover. Yearbook title reads "Cauldron, 1958 Dr. William White." Link to image opens to digitized collection of Cauldron yearbooks.

Northeastern University's yearbook, The Cauldron(Opens in new window), is digitally available to view or download through the Northeastern University Library's digital repository service. 

The Cauldron was first published in 1917, after which it ceased publication until 1921. There are gaps in the production or record-keeping of yearbooks from 1933-1934. The yearbooks for 1950-1951 and 1951-1952 have not been digitized, but there are print volumes at the Archives. Some yearbooks for part-time and evening students are also available at the Archives, as are the Alumni Directory and Freshman Register.


Northeastern University Course Catalogs

Northeastern University Undergraduate and graduate course catalogs(Opens in new window) from 1910 to 1990 to view or download through the Internet Archive.

You can also browse the catalogs by year at the Archives and Special Collection's Northeastern History exhibit site here(Opens in new window)

Northeastern University Histories

Black and white photograph of large administrative building on a university in campus in Boston. Building is large and rectangular and features 15 vertical stretches of windows. In front of the building are leafless trees and cars parked along the street perpendicular to the building. Link to image brings you to the digital repository source for the image with accompanying metadata.
      Northeastern University, Dodge Library, 1963

Five books have been written on the history of Northeastern. Please click on the title below to view and/or download copies of these books from the Internet Archive. Circulating copies of these books are available in the Library’s general collection; copies are also available to read in the University Archives.

Marston, Everett C. Origin and Development of Northeastern University 1898-1960(Opens in new window). Boston, MA: Northeastern University, 1961.

Frederick, Antoinette. Northeastern University: An Emerging Giant 1959-1975(Opens in new window). Boston, MA: Northeastern University Custom Book Program, 1982.

Frederick, Antoinette. Northeastern University Coming of Age: The Ryder Years, 1975-1989(Opens in new window). Boston, MA: Northeastern University, 1995.

Feldscher, Karen. Northeastern University 1989-1996: The Curry Years: Smaller but Better(Opens in new window). Boston, MA: Northeastern University, 2000.

Rhoads, Linda Smith, ed. Tradition and Innovation: Reflections on Northeastern University’s First Century(Opens in new window). Boston, MA: Northeastern University Publications, 1998.

Also, available in Snell Library and the University Archives are histories on cooperative education and the Boston Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), the precursor of Northeastern University.

Doggett, L.L. History of the Boston Young Men's Christian Association. Boston, MA: The Young Men's Christian Association, 1901. Call Number: BV 1050.B7D64.

Whiteside, William B. The Boston Y.M.C.A. and Community Need: A Century's Evolution, 1851-1951(Opens in new window). New York: Association Press, 1951. Call Number: BV1050.B7 W5.

Barbeau, Joseph E. (Joseph Ernest), 1933-. Second to None: Seventy-five Years of Leadership in the Cooperative Education Movement . Boston, MA: Custom Book Program of Northeastern University, 1985. Call Number: LB1029.C6 B35 1985.

Heskel, Julia. Celebrating 150 Years: The YMCA of Greater Boston, 1851-2001(Opens in new window). Boston, MA: YMCA of Greater Boston, 2001. Call Number: BV1050.B7 H47 2001.