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Archives and Special Collections: Education

A guide to historical materials housed in the Northeastern University Libraries, Archives and Special Collections Department.

Education Collections

  Boston-Bouve College fundamental gymnastics class, ca. 1930. Photograph from the Boston-Bouve College Collection.Secretarial students at the Chandler School, ca. 1930. Photograph from the Frank Palmer Speare Collection.Students and teacher from the Automobile School working on an engine, ca. 1920. Photograph from the Northeastern University Photograph Collection.Civil Engineering students conducting triangulation survey from the YMCA roof, 1921. Photograph from the Northeastern University Photograph Collection.


American Society for Engineering Education Records

  • Founded in 1893 as the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education (SPEE), the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) is a nonprofit organization of individuals, institutions, and companies dedicated to improving all aspects of engineering education.

Armed Services Young Men's Christian Association (Boston, Mass.) Records

  • Founded in 1917, the Boston Armed Services Young Men’s Christian Association was a non–profit organization providing support services to members of the military, their families, and local civilian communities. In 2002, the Boston Armed Services YMCA's status as a branch of the national Armed Services YMCA was terminated.

Boston-Bouvé College Records

  • Founded in 1913 as the Boston School of Physical Education, Boston-Bouvé College was a school for the instruction of women in physical education. The College merged with Northeastern University in 1964 and expanded its curricula to include programs in health professions, nursing, and pharmacy.

Boston Guild for the Hard of Hearing Records

  • Founded in 1916, the Boston Guild for the Hard of Hearing was the largest nonprofit organization in New England dedicated to serving the needs of people with hearing impairment until its closure in 2003.

Boston School of Dental Nursing Records

  • Incorporated in 1940, the Boston School of Dental Nursing offered women a one-year program in dental nursing that combined classroom education with on-the-job training at the Boston State Hospital and other local facilities.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston Records

  • The first clubhouse of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston (BGCB) was founded in Charlestown in 1893. The BGCB provides the City of Boston with a youth development agency -offering programs in six areas: the arts; education; leadership and character development; life skills; sports, fitness and recreation; and technology.

Yoel Camayd-Freixas Papers

  • Community activist, author, and educator Yoel Camayd-Freixas (1949-2011) was a social psychologist heavily involved with developing mental health services and programs for the Latino community in Boston and Miami. He also founded the Hispanic Outreach Team in Jamaica Plain.

Dana C. Chandler, Jr. Papers

  • Noted African American artist Dana C. Chandler, Jr. (b. 1941) founded in 1974 Northeastern University’s African American Master Artists–in–Residence Program which provides studio to visual artists.

Citywide Educational Coalition Records

  • From 1972-2000, the Citywide Educational Coalition played an important role in the desegregation of the Boston Public Schools and advocated for school reform by providing parents with the skills necessary to participate in shaping education policy.

Carl Stephens Ell Papers

  • Carl S. Ell (1887-1981) was an educator, dean, and the second President of Northeastern University from 1940 to 1959.

Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts Records

  • The Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts (1950-1990) was established to meet the social, cultural, and artistic needs of Boston's African American community, offering education in art, dance, drama, music, and costuming to pre-school children, school-aged children and adults.

Escuelita Agueybana Day Care Centers Records

  • Escuelita Agueybana (1976-1996) was the first bilingual day care center in Massachusetts to serve primarily Hispanic children and their families.

Andre Favat Papers

  • Educator and author F. Andre Favat (1938-1976) was an Associate Professor of English education in Northeastern’s Department of Instruction.

Fenway Alliance Records [unprocessed]

  • Founded in 1977 as The Boston Plan, the Fenway Alliance, also called Boston-Fenway Program, is a consortium of organizations working together to promote and advocate cultural programs in the Fenway District of Boston.

Israel Katz Papers

  • Israel Katz (1917-2003), Northeastern University Class of 1941, was a mechanical engineer, administrator, and faculty member at Northeastern.

Asa S. Knowles Papers

  • Asa S. Knowles (1909-1990) was an educator, dean, third university president, and chancellor at Northeastern from 1931 to 1990. He was also on the board of directors of Shawmut Bank of Boston and Shawmut Corporation, and he wrote a history of the bank entitled, Shawmut, 150 Years of Banking 1836-1986.

Robert B. MacGregor Papers

  • Robert B. MacGregor (birth ca. 1925), Northeastern Class of 1947, is an industrial engineer and a former Lieutenant in the United States Naval Reserve.

Helen Mahut Papers [unprocessed]

  • Helen Mahut was a professor of Psychology at Northeastern University for twenty-three years. Considered a pioneer in the field of behavioral and cognitive neurosciences, she engaged in research at M.I.T. before continuing her work at Northeastern.

Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc. Records

  • Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization founded in 1966 to eliminate racial imbalance by busing children from Boston and Springfield to suburban public schools. Additional unprocessed material available.

Walter Mueller (Boston Y Outing Club) Papers [unprocessed]

  • Walter Mueller was a member of the Boston Y Outing Club. The club was part of the Boston Y.M.C.A.'s programing and was first organized in 1935, as a co-ed club engaging in outdoor activities including hiking, bicycling, sailing, skiing, and horeseback riding.

Norman G. Miclette Papers

  • Norman G. Miclette (1927-2001) was a student in Northeastern’s School of Business from 1955-1958.

New England College of Pharmacy Records

  • The New England College of Pharmacy, founded in 1927 as the Meriano School of Pharmacy, was an academic program providing education to students interested in a career in pharmacy. In 1962, it became part of Northeastern and was called the College of Pharmacy, and it later merged with Bouvé College of Health Sciences in 1992.

Earl Rubington Papers [unprocessed]

  • Earl Rubington (1923-2010) was a sociology professor at Northeastern from 1969 to 1999. His research focus was social issues and deviant behavior.

Frank Palmer Speare Papers

  • Educator Frank P. Speare (1870-1954) was the first president of Northeastern University and developed the institution from a small school to one of the nation's largest private universities. He was also President of the Board of Trustees and principal stock-holder of the Chandler Secretarial School in Boston, a private professional training school for women established in 1883.

Urban Schools Collaborative Records

  • Founded in 1976 as Northeastern’s Office of Phase II Desegregation, the Urban Schools Collaborative (URSCO) was established to provide equal educational opportunities to Boston Public School children from District 7 and the Madison Park School. The URSCO developed curricula for music, mathematics, and bilingual education; established programs for parents and teachers; and created a special education diagnostic center. Since July 1992, URSCO has been part of Northeastern’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Women's School (Cambridge, Mass.) Records

  • The Women’s School (1972-1992) was founded as an alternative school that taught feminist content and perspective, and its ideologies were based on socialist feminism. Classes offered included anti-racism, auto mechanics, growing up female, international women's struggles, lesbianism, Marxism, and older women.

Young Men's Christian Association of Greater Boston Records

  • Founded in 1851, the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of Greater Boston is a non-profit organization that offers social, educational, and community programs.

Young Men's Christian Association, West Roxbury/Roslindale Branch Records

  • Established in 1942, the Young Men's Christian Association, West Roxbury/Roslindale Branch was founded to solve the growing problem of juvenile delinquency in the neighborhood by providing youth with educational programs and activities. The West Roxbury/Roslindale Branch also offers programs for adults.