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Africana Studies: Academic Research

A guide for research in African American and African Studies



Welcome...just starting?

 Check out the Sage Project Planner in Sage Research Methods.

The Sage Knowledge collection provides handbooks on all aspects of research.

SAGE Research Methods Timeline

SAGE Research Methods  Project Planner

Stages of the research process from SAGE Research Methods

Dissemination could also include--with peer-review acceptance and your permission-- publication in the journal, NU Writing

SAGE Research Methods Help page

Sage Research Methods

Check SAGE Research Methods during the semester.You will need to login and use DUO authentication to access this collection which includes definition of research terms, advice under Project Planner links and videos. Search results also bring up the Research Methods Time Line.

See box to the left for SAGE Research Methods Timeline, or Research Stages--are you "on track"?

What's the difference between a Research Topic and a Research Question?
Your research topic may be COVID-19 and African Americans.
 Search for information about these two topics for your literature review. Based on what you learn, develop the research question--What about COVID-19 and African Americans?

Research question:
What are the cardiovascular effects of COVID-19 on African-American women, who often face adverse health and economic disparities?  (This is an actual research project funded by the American Heart Association)

Funding Guides for Writing

Search Scholar OneSearch -- contents from SAGE Research Methods and from other subscribed collections will be discoverable!

Scholar OneSearch search box with query: "grant proposal" writ*