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Alissa Link Cilfone

What is

Northeastern University Library is very pleased to provide our faculty, staff, and students with premium access to To use premium features on, please register for an account with your Northeastern email address or follow the instructions to activate premium benefits for an existing account is an open access platform that allows researchers to engage in open science, such as: 

  • Share, reproduce, and collaborate on protocols in real time
  • Keep track of protocols (past and current) in various versions
  • Reach a wider impact (submitted public protocols will receive a DOI)
  • Communicate with authors (users can comment on published protocols, and interact with the author/s of a specific protocol and other researchers).



The video below will help you get started with It covers features such as (1) how to discover protocols, (2) create your own protocols, (3) share methods with others, and (4) how to publish protocols.

For additional training and other advanced features, please check out these additional resources from

For specific questions related to your account or using, please contact With our institutional access agreement, Northeastern users are flagged as 'premium' users and are prioritized for the fastest possible response. 

Other Library Resources - Methods & Protocols

For additional support on:

  • how to write protocols,
  • learn what are the best practices for writing protocols,
  • and to search for established protocols and methods

search the Northeastern library catalog, Scholar OneSearch, for resources within your specific subject area. Try searching for your topic, technique, and/or organism, plus a term like 'method', 'protocol', or other synonym in Scholar OneSearch.

For useful tips to search Scholar OneSearch more effectively, check out our Scholar OneSearch tutorials.

Listed below are some additional resources from the library on where to find established protocols and methods outside of

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