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Boston Public Schools, Re-Writing History: The Boston Busing Crisis


Welcome, scholars from the Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers and the Jeremiah E. Burke High School!

This guide introduces resources to support your research on activism for racial equity in and desegregation of Boston Public Schools. Use the tabs on the left to explore primary sources related to the lives and work of 5 activists; Ruth Batson, Paul Parks, Jean McGuire, Ellen S. Jackson, and Carmen Pola.


What are Primary Sources?

Primary sources are first-hand sources created at the time of a particular event or period under study. They may be artifacts or observations or accounts of events or experiments. They include books, journal or newspaper articles, audio-visual materials, official documents, pamphlets, statistical data, and archival materials.

Read more about primary sources here.

Primary Sources about Busing and Desegregation in Boston