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Research Fundamentals: Search

A guide to print and online resources for starting your research.

Research Resources

Review question: What research materials will help you complete your assignment or answer the questions you've posed?

Research Resources
Books and E-books: 7 votes (19.44%)
Articles: 20 votes (55.56%)
Images, Video and Sound: 0 votes (0%)
Data and Statistics: 4 votes (11.11%)
Primary Sources: 2 votes (5.56%)
Dictionaries and Encyclopedias: 0 votes (0%)
Newspapers: 3 votes (8.33%)
Total Votes: 36

Basic Search Tips

Try  Scholar OneSearch or

Choose an article search tool recommended in Research Guides by Subject
Alternatively, try an interdisciplinary database, such as

 Use one or more of your key words to do a broad search, then narrow it down. 

Scholarly, Academic, Peer-Reviewed Journals

Types of Periodicals

Have a journal title? Check Ulrich's Web to identify TYPE of journal.

Many databases also identify academic publications. See Academic Search Premier example: