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Research Fundamentals: Assignments

A guide to print and online resources for starting your research.

How to Use This Page

  • Check the For Everyone! box. Your instructor will ask you to complete the assignment OR review the Library's Sustainability page.

  •  Your instructor may direct you to a page corresponding to your class readings (Foucault, Panopticism or Griffin, Our Secret). To find this page, click the downward arrow on this Assignments tab.

  • Your instructor may ask you to answer a set of questions based on your class readings.  Check the Class Exercise box.

  • You may be asked to complete an exercise or do research using resources related to your major. To get started, check the Research in Your Major box.

For Everyone!


Northeastern University is strongly committed to promoting sustainability in its research and curricular activities.  The University also supports sustainability in its own physical operations and development.

In your classes, you'll learn about sustainbility from a variety of perspectives.  For this exercise, connect to the Library's Sustainability page:

  •  Find an article in a Massachusetts newspaper on recycling on college campuses.
  •  E-mail this article to yourself (most of our article finding tools have an e-mail  function).
  • Forward the article to your instructor with a brief note explaining why you selected the article.
  • Cite the article using MLA (Modern Languages Association) style.
  • How did you figure out how to cite the article you picked?


Research in Your Major

Your instructor may ask you to learn about research resources in your major.

To begin, visit one or several of our Subject Guides.  Be sure to meet your Subject Librarian!

 If you don't find a Guide for your major or have other questions, just Ask a Librarian!

  Take a Break

Check News @ Northeastern for information about sustainability research and work at Northeastern.
Here's an article retrieved by searching for "plastic"

Assignment for Kelly Garneau's Class

Class Exercise

This box will link to a Word document for students to print out, complete, and submit.  I've placed a sample here for purposes of illustration.  This option was added at the request of English Department faculty.