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Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics and Medical Devices: Company/Industry Information

A guide to resources and research in regulatory affairs for drugs, biologics and medical devices.

Company Information

Business Insight: Essentials

Business Source Complete: Click on "Company Profiles" to search for reports on a specific company. 

LexisNexis Academic: Click on "Companies" to search for financial information, legal cases, and intellectual property information including patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Mergent Online (on campus) (current NU plus alumni):  Locate annual reports, historical and current financials, company news, earnings estimates.

Mergent Online (off campus)

Osiris: Note: Access courtesy of the NU College of Business Administration
Financial information on 53,000 companies worldwide (42,000 are non-US companies).
The information includes: standardized and "as reported" financials (including restated reports), SEC filings, detailed earnings estimates,recommendations, ownership, stock data, news and ratings.

S & P NetAdvantage: locate company profiles, competitors, industry related news, financials, executives and more.  See the following Industry Surveys: Biotechnology; Healthcare: Pharmaceuticals; Healthcare: Products & Supplies.

ValueLine Investment Survey: The Value Line Investment Survey has detailed snapshots of public companies - click on Standard or Plus Edition, then click on Look Up Company.

Private Companies

Finding information on private companies can be difficult, as they are not required to file with the SEC. Limited information on private companies may be found using the databases listed below.

Industry Information

Use Snell Library's Subscription Databases to search for articles, news reports, industry overviews and more.

Business Source Complete:  Choose the Advanced Search tab.  Then select Document Type = "Industry Overview".

S & P NetAdvantage (Standard & Poor's):  Click on the Industries tab and select "Healthcare: Products & Supplies" for information on
-> the current environment
-> industry trends
-> how the industry operates
-> how to analyze a medical device company
-> comparative company analyses

ValueLine:  Click on Standard Edition, then click on Look Up Industry. 

Mergent Online (on campus):  Create comparison reports on companies within an industry, identify competitors and more.

Mergent Online (off campus)

Business Insight: Essentials  Find company and industry information quickly.