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Environmental Research Across Disciplines : Videos and Video Lectures

This guide is for library resources and research in Environmental Science

Videos and Video Lectures

Videos at Snell Library.  Videos(streaming, DVD, and VHS) owned by Snell Library are listed in Scholar OneSearch, the library catalog and discovery system. 

A keyword search on the term "environment" retrieves over 11,000 records.  By limiting those results to "Video, Music, and Sound," the results are reduced to aroung 150 records.  Those records with an "earth" icon may be accessed and watched from the NuCat record. 

Videos and Video Lectures on the Web.  Videos on topics related to Environmental Studies may be found among the following web collections:

  • Academic Earth (organization)  Video lectures from major scholars in a variety of disciplines
  • Nature (PBS) Streaming videos, each covering an aspect of nature and the human impact upon it.
  • Nova (PBS).  Streaming videos on a wide range of topics, including environmental issues.
  • Science Nation (National Science Foundation).  Streaming videos on a variety of science topics.
  • Scitalks (commercial site)  100's of streaming videos in all aspects of science.
  • TED (non-profit organization)  Many video presentations by leading thinkers in the fields.
  • (Jozef Stefan Institute).  Over 6,000 video lectures from academic institutions.
  • (Course lectures subset from YouTube)