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Sports Leadership: News

A guide to resources and research on issues and topics in sport and society, including culture, race, gender, ability, and business.

Why Newspapers?

Newspapers are an invaluable source for researching current and historical events and public opinion on a topic. They are useful for following regional and national developments in professional sports and sports-related industries. Many full text newspaper articles are available online, but they often do not include images or photographs.

Current Newspapers

Historical Newspapers

ProQuest Historical Newspapers provides access to the following publications:

Most ProQuest Historical Newspapers include images, photographs, and advertisements. You can view the full text of the article or select page view to view the article in its original layout.

Additional newspaper databases:

Websites for historical newspapers:

Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library offers rich online and microfilm collections of local and national newspapers. NU students and Massachusetts state residents may access these current and historical newspapers with: 

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