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BIOL 2309: Biology Project Lab

Find Biology Literature

Key Resources for Biology Literature


More than just medical literature, PubMed Central was developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and publishers of life sciences literature. PubMed allows access to nearly 2 million full text journal articles. 

Web of Science

Web of Science indexes over 11,000 scholarly journals in the sciences (1975 - present). Web of Science's strength is in its interdisciplinary focus and its ability to perform citation searching. It also works seamlessly with EndNote & EndNote Online citation management software. 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides an easy way to search broadly for scholarly literature across a range of disciplins and topics. As with a general Google search, Google Scholar attempts to bring the more relevant results to the top of the results list. 

Drawbacks to Google Scholar include:

  • Not knowing when it is updated
  • It contains many older articles
  • You cannot browse by title
  • There are no suggestions provided for limiting searches (such as alternative words for a topic)