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Systematic Reviews and Evidence Syntheses: Home

A guide to the methodology of and resources for Systematic Reviews

Evidence Synthesis Service

The Library provides a tiered set of support services for evidence synthesis projects such as systematic reviews.

What kind of support is provided through the Evidence Synthesis Service? 



We are available to advise and educate on the development of review protocols, search strategies, grey literature searching, citation and citation management tools, and identifying target journals.



We can serve as partners and search methodology experts. We will create, run, and document database searches, draft the Methods section of the manuscript and database search appendices, create the PRISMA flow chart, and ensure adherence to established reporting standards.


The availability of collaboration services is dependent on the capacity of librarians at the time.


Please see our Service Tiers for more information regarding the services included in each support tier.


Who is eligible to use the Evidence Synthesis Service?

  • Northeastern University faculty
  • Northeastern University staff
  • Northeastern University graduate students
  • Northeastern University undergraduates working on a project led by an NU faculty member

What kinds of projects are supported by the Evidence Synthesis Service?

  • Systematic reviews
  • Scoping reviews
  • Systematized reviews
  • Rapid reviews
  • Umbrella reviews
  • Clinical guidelines

Schedule an initial consultation or reach out to Philip Espinola Coombs at 

If your project does not fall into any categories you see, or if you are unsure about what kind of support you require, we encourage you to reach out.


Schedule an initial consultation here or reach out to Philip Espinola Coombs at 

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