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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual

The Access Point


The Access Point functions as our first service point and the entry point to the Northeastern University Library. Proctors are performing two roles at the Access Point: 

  • Security
  • Customer Service

Read through the materials on this manual to learn more about how to accomplish both and let an IDEAS staff member know if you have any questions!

General Rules

General Policies

  • Bikes and scooters are not permitted in the building.  The bookstore sells bike locks, and they can be locked up outside.
  • Hoverboards are not allowed on campus, and definitely not in the library.
  • Rollerblades, skateboards, unicycles may be carried into the building, but may not be used.
  • Alumni are not granted Snell Access
  • BLC and OCLC Shares members are not granted Snell Access
  • No walk-in researchers
  • NU Community members (students, staff, and faculty) must have their valid ID to enter the building. 

Tours:  Unless otherwise stated by the supervisor, prospective and admitted students and families cannot access Snell Library. They are welcome to observe the library from the foyer and take brochures about Northeastern University Library’s resources.

Returns: Library material can be returned to proctors at the Access Point if a patron would rather not or cannot enter the library. Give these to the Supervisor on Duty or H&I assistants when time permits.

Equipment should not be returned at the Access Point.  Please direct equipment returns to the ITS side of the Help and Information Desk.

Service dogs: Well-behaved official service dogs are welcome to enter the library with their affiliated owner. Generally speaking, if the library user says it’s a service dog, that animal is permitted to enter. Unfortunately, pets and emotional support animals are not permitted in academic buildings. Some patrons with a service animal may have a black dot on their Husky Card indicating they are allowed to have a service animal with them, but not all patrons have this. 

If you are unsure about whether or not to permit an animal inside, call the supervisor on duty.


How to add Access Point Transaction

How to open Access Monitor

1. When logged in, click “Student Web” 

2. Click on “Access Monitor” to view a snapshot image of patrons as they tap/swipe in


CBORD Mobile ID is a free application that is designed to serve as the mobile phone version of the Husky Card. With this app, patrons can open Northeastern doors, use vending machines, or swipe into dorms.

For the Access Point, they can use the app to open Gates 1,2 or 3. 

This article from ITS explains how to install and set up CBORD.

Morpho Hand Scanner

The Morpho Biometric Hand Scanner will only work if the patron has registered their hand with the Husky Card Office. It allows patrons to enter at all hours without needing to have their Husky Card present.

This service is unavailable because the Husky Card office is in temporary office space without the appropriate equipment to register new hands. However, previously registered hands will continue to work. 

Access Point

  • Husky Cards kept at Access Point in Card Box
  • ONLY Husky Cards will be at the Access Point, all other cards will go to the H&I desk
  • Box will be available to Overnight guards

Turning in a Husky ID?

  • Write info on clipboard to log ID
  • Arrange in box by last name, first name

Returning Husky ID to owner?

  • Confirm it is the owner, we do NOT give Husky ID’s to anyone but the owner
  • Cross out name on clipboard

Please let the supervisor on duty know if you are running low on campus maps so we can print more!

Husky Card Office

Regular Hours - 4 Speare Commons
Mon - Thu: 8:30 AM-6:00 PM
Fri: 8:30 AM-5:00 PM

Contact Numbers
617.373.8740 Phone
617.373.8794 Fax

Email Address