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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual


Husky Web Admin

Husky Web Admin is the webpage we use to look up patron's NUID to sign them in. Unfortunately, we do not control it so when it breaks, there is not a lot we can do to fix it. 

If you are logged out - alert the on-duty supervisor so they can sign you back in again

If the site is inactive or the password is not working - alert the on-duty supervisor as soon as possible!

The on-duty supervisor will attempt to call the Husky Card Office to unlock the accounts. 

 Remember hospitably over security- we would rather allow entry for a few people who may not have access than deny access to many who do.

Broken Gates

  1. If the gate is stuck open or closed, try overriding it using the buttons at the Access Point. 
  2. Tell staff – even if you can get it working again, let the supervisor on duty know, so staff can follow up at a later date. There may be a repeating problem with a certain turnstile that we need to get checked at a more detailed level. 
  3. If asked to, submit a facilities request (please only do this if the on duty supervisor says to). If the supervisor isn't able to fill out the work request immediately, they may ask you to do it for them. The work request form is available through myNEU, under the Community tab on the right hand side.

In all likelihood, the supervisor on duty already knows that the internet is down or that there is no power, but talk to them anyway. They will give you direction on what to do until everything is up and running.