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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual

Things to Know

When the alarms go off,

1.) First silence the alarm panel by the desk or the main panel in the work area, then

2.) Silence the source by resetting at the actual exit.

You will need to have a set of keys to reset alarms.

  • Medeco 76 is the alarm bypass key
  • Medeco 16 is the alarm reset key

Note: There is a 5-second delay for all resets, from the time you twist the key to the time the alarm actually stops.

First Floor

There are three locations on the first floor that often trigger the alarm.

  • - the door between the first-floor lobby and the library classrooms next to the main stairwell.
  • - emergency exit stairwell #4 behind the Help and Information Desk work room (by the first floor bathrooms)
  • - emergency exit stairwell #3 in the library classrooms (which involves two doors!)

The emergency exit in stairwell 3 has two different doors that must be checked.

Step 1: Bypass the 1st-floor classroom exit to reach stair 3. Use the panel in the workroom to bypass the door.

Step 2: Once you reach the door to stair 3, you need to check the door leading outside - the door is halfway between the 1st floor and the basement.

Make sure to prop the first door open, otherwise, you will get stuck in the stairwell!

The alarm will not reset properly if the outside door isn't latched. If you can push on the door (not the push bar) and the door opens, it's not latched.

Note: If somehow you do get stuck in the stairwell, the 34A key will open the door from the stairwell side 

Step 3: After you check (and close as needed) the outside door, you can close the first door, and use the appropriate key to reset the door.

Call out Procedure

If you need to be out sick:

  • Email which will create a ticket in LibAnswers saying the day you’ll be out sick and the shift you’ll need to drop. No need to go into too many details. If you are going to be out for several days (like if you test positive for Covid-19), email Katie as well. 

If you are going to be late to a shift:

  • Message the Staff + Backups channel on teams. DO NOT message only Katie or Steph as the current supervisor on duty needs to know and it is not always one of us. 

If staff are not in the building (holidays, weekends if Katie or Steph are on vacation) YOU are in charge if a student calls out. If you’re the supervisor on duty and someone calls in sick and you need coverage:

  1. Message in When2Work the all back-up supervisors, circulation assistants and access proctors about the shift that’s open, asking if someone could reply on When2Work if they can pick up the shift.

If you find that it’s pivotal that the shift gets covered (super busy, you need another body for closing) you should reach out to the emergency contacts on the Teams channel. If there is ever a situation where you are not able to staff both service points, close the H&I Desk and cover the Access Point until you can get coverage. 

Research & Searching

You likely noticed that in 2020-21 a new first page appears when someone visit's the library's website: that is more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing (1st picture). As of 24 February 2021 sometimes if you have already navigated away from the new page you are brought to the older homepage (the 2nd picture). The second picture's version of the homepage can also be found under "Full Library Website" on the 1st picture's version.

The library's website is perhaps the single most useful tool to have open when attempting to answer questions: there's a wealth information on it's pages about everything that Snell does. I encourage you to look through the website until you feel comfortable navigating it!

These first links are to Subject Guides on Research topics from Snell librarians that you might find helpful!

These next links are really helpful consolidated information that you might find helpful for answering basic research questions. You might also find that just sending these links to a patron can provide a lot of answers and resources!

If you have questions about anything on any of these links, I'm happy to answer them or find out the answer from the resource's creators.

If you come across another resource that you find yourself always needing or using; please let me know so I can add it here so links are all in the same place.