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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual

Library Website

You likely noticed that in 2020-21 a new first page appears when someone visit's the library's website: that is more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing (1st picture). As of 24 February 2021 sometimes if you have already navigated away from the new page you are brought to the older homepage (the 2nd picture). The second picture's version of the homepage can also be found under "Full Library Website" on the 1st picture's version.

The library's website is perhaps the single most useful tool to have open when attempting to answer questions: there's a wealth information on it's pages about everything that Snell does. I encourage you to look through the website until you feel comfortable navigating it!

Research & Writing

These first links are to Subject Guides on Research topics from Snell librarians that you might find helpful!

These next links are really helpful consolidated information that you might find helpful for answering basic research questions. You might also find that just sending these links to a patron can provide a lot of answers and resources!

If you have questions about anything on any of these links, I'm happy to answer them or find out the answer from the resource's creators.

If you come across another resource that you find yourself always needing or using; please let me know so I can add it here so links are all in the same place.