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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual
Alarms & Keys
  • Key Box
  • Bypass vs. Reset
  • Swipe vs. Tap vs. Key 
COVID era Fines
  • We are being very lenient about waiving fines right now in recognition of the myriad difficulties that people have returning books during the pandemic 

Waiving Fines: A Quick Guide

You can see on the right hand navigation of a patron's account fines that are active under Active Balance.

When you click on the dollar amount it will bring you to a screen that details each fine/ fee that the patron has accrued. Note that this screen is defaulting to Active fees. You can select individual fines on the left hand side of each row and use the Waive Selected link in the upper right hand corner. You can also use the action button {...} on the right hand side of each row to view more information about the fine or waive them individually.