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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual

Training New Proctors

One of the roles of the Leads will be to help train new proctors at the Access Point. 

Some things to do:

Go over the space (things look different when you learn about it on a computer than in the physical space). 

In particular, ensure these are covered:

  • The panic button
  • The phone
  • The Husky Cards and the Lost and Found procedure
  • The Security Cameras computer
  • Husky WebAdmin view and what it looks like when people tap their card/ swipe their hand
  • The CBORD instructions and common troubleshooting that happens at the Access Point
  • The Access Exceptions list
  • Logging transactions in RefAnalytics


Fill out the AP Lead Training Checklist for training shifts with new proctors. The form is also embedded below.

Help & Information Desk

A feature of the Leads program is that it is designed to be a feeder program for the role of back-up supervisor. Back-up supervisors are student employees who are trained at both service points and are available for coverage for either service point as well as are available to be the supervisor on duty when staff are not available. 

As an Access Point Lead, the IDEAS department would like to give you the opportunity to train at the Help & Information desk to help prepare you if you are interested in being considered for this promotion.