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Health Sciences Entrepreneurs : Northeastern Resources

This research guide offers resources for entrepreneurs in the health sciences.

University Centers for Entrepreneurship

  • The Center for Entrepreneurship Education was created to encourage experiential entrepreneurship education across Northeastern. The center's mission is to "empower students, faculty, and alumni from across the university to innovate, start new companies, and become leaders in the innovation economy." 
  • The Sherman Center for Engineering Entrepreneurship Education was created to empower engineering students with the necessary entrepreneurial skills to successfully pitch and commercialize their innovations. The center's mission is to "enable interdisciplinary student entrepreneurship in the broadest sense by providing education about tools, concepts, and resources to foster creativity and the ability to develop commercially viable ideas."  

  • The Center for Research Innovation is "bridging the gap between laboratory research and need-based solutions." The center helps with finding technologies to commercialize, finding funding, and finding mentors. They offer a variety of resources for entrepreneurs and inventors. 


Mosaic is a collaborative alliance of entrepreneurial student-led clubs and organizations at Northeastern. The organizations include:

  • Compass: "Northeastern's student-led accounting resource center which aims to help ventures in the ecosystem with taxes and other accounting needs."
  • Entrepreneurs Club: "Within the Entrepreneurs Club, we run six different events and programs over the course of the semester. Our goal is to help our diverse cohort of Northeastern University students discover their entrepreneurial drive by providing opportunities to build meaningful relationships and experiences outside of the classroom."  
  • Generate: "Generate is a student-run Sherman Center program that develops the Northeastern entrepreneurial engineer through our product development studio and educational programming. Generate provides engineering product design to Northeastern's entrepreneurial ecosystem." 
  • IDEA: "IDEA is a student-led venture accelerator that fosters the development of entrepreneurs in the Northeastern community through the educational experience of developing a business from concept to launch. IDEA strives to provide a holistic experience for their ventures through support, in-kind resources, and opportunities to engage in an experiential learning opportunity. 
  • IP Co-Lab: "The IP Co-Lab, led by students at the School of Law and faculty from the law and business schools, provides a range of crucial IP-related legal information and services to inventors and ventures in Northeastern's entrepreneurial ecosystem. It collaborates with the university's Center for Research Innovation, student-run venture accelerator (IDEA) and the Center for Entrepreneurial Education. Its goal is to enhance the campus innovation environment and provide opportunities for all members of the Northeastern community."
  • NU Impact: "For Northeastern University students and community stakeholders, who wish to gain financial literacy and engage in sustainable financial investing, NU Impact Investing Initiative is a financial education fund that provides students with the resources to gain financial independence, make social investments, and earn impactful financial returns."
  • Origin: Deep Tech Hub: "Origin is a student-run organization that works to increase the quantity and quality of ventures in Northeastern's ecosystem that solve impactful science and technology oriented problems in emerging industries. Origin presents the opportunity for you to learn by communicating with a diverse set of ambitious individuals in a tight-knit environment where curiosity and drive are most valued."
  • Scout: "Scout aims to foster the design community at Northeastern University through real client work, speaker series, and interactive workshops." 
  • Social Enterprise Institute: "The Social Enterprise Institute Student Association (SEISA) at Northeastern University is the hub for social entrepreneurship housed in the D'Amore-McKim School of Business. Grounded in the belief that business can be a powerful tool in helping to alleviate poverty in the developing world by utilizing enterprise based solutions, we believe we are building the next generation of global business leaders." 
  • ViTAL: "ViTAL focuses on healthcare entrepreneurship. We empower our students with learnings beyond the classroom to foster an interdisciplinary perspective on healthcare. Through our workshops and vast mentor network, we look to build a community challenged to disrupt healthcare with an entrepreneurial mindset." 
  • WISE: "WISE, the Women's Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship, is a new student organization at Northeastern University focused on building a community for women interested in exploring entrepreneurship and developing an innovative mindset through interactive workshops, a thought incubator teaching problem-solving skills, and mentorship pairings." 

Venture Accelerators and Mentorship

Northeastern has a robust entrepreneurship community, including multiple opportunities for ventures seeking funding and mentorship.

  • IDEA - IDEA is a student-led venture accelerator at Northeastern. There is a three step process ventures go through that can result in both funding and mentorship opportunities. 
  • Husky Startup Challenge - The Husky Startup Challenge is run by Northeastern's Entrepreneurs Club. Ventures participate in workshops and networking events. Demo Day is the culminating event where ventures compete for funding.
  • I-CORPS - The I-Corps program at Northeastern is run through the National Science Foundation. Scientists and engineers in the Northeastern community participate in a training program that results in assigned mentors from the Health Science Entrepreneurs Mentorship Program or the Venture Mentoring Network. 
  • HSE Venture Mentorship Program - The Health Sciences Entrepreneurs Mentorship Program matches Northeastern entrepreneurs with venture ideas in the health sciences field with mentors in the industry. 
  • McCarthy(s) Venture Mentoring Network - The McCarthy Venture Mentoring Network is a university-wide program at Northeastern that matches Northeastern entrepreneurs with mentors in their field to help make ventures more successful.