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This guide contains GIS office hours, tutorials, sources and platforms

GIS- Welcome!

What is GIS? A GIS (Geographic Information System) is a computer-based means of storing, analyzing, displaying, and otherwise managing geospatial data - that is, any data that has a plottable or mappable geographic component. More than just a means of creating maps, GIS is a powerful tool for revealing and examining how geographic relationships affect the world around us, and for solving real-world problems where location and proximity come into play. This subject guide contains information on GIS capabilities on campus, where to obtain GIS data, and resources for those who wish to further explore GIS on their own.

GIS Tools and Platforms at NU

Northeastern University Libraries offer resources and services to support students, faculty, and staff with research needs involving GIS. Not sure which program you need, refer to Obtain and Download GIS tab for more information.

 ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Story Maps, Business Analyst & Survey 123 

 Policy Map

  • Follow the link to access or read more at Policy Map. This Beta version includes a host of new features designed to provide you with the tools for deeper data analysis and custom work products.
  • If you need to download full files, upload your own data, or save your work, just toggle over to the legacy version of PolicyMap by clicking the GO TO POLICYMAP LEGACY link above. The legacy version of PolicyMap will remain live until everything is available within the new site.

Simply Analytics 

  • Follow this link to access Simply Analytics (the link opens in a new window). Professional License is currently provided by Northeastern University Library. This mapping application enables users to develop interactive thematic maps and reports using thousands of demographics, business, health, crime, and marketing data variables including Mediamark and Simmons Consumer Data. You can export data from Simply Analytics into any GIS program.

Social Explorer 

  • You now have full access to the Social Explorer data and tools: Access current and historical demographic data through Social Explorer, create thematic and interactive maps, create multi-map presentations, create data reports at all geographic levels. Access the platform via: Social Explorer (the link opens in a new window).


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GIS Specialist

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Questions about GIS, and mapping?

Please contact Bahare Sanaie-Movahed, GIS & Geospatial Specialist, for further assistance. 

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GIS Co-op

Questions about GIS?

Please contact Rongsen Hu, GIS Co-op for further assistance. 

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